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One of the highlights of this spring was a first trip to Jasmin Garden nursery in Saint Laurent, Quebec.
Place was huge, very organized, and very clean and tidy.
Everything you could possibly want for gardening was there, from pond equipment to trees, and greenhouse upon greenhouse to visit.
It was inspirational and calming to walk through the pond area with the trickling water displays everywhere, and the vast array of plants that looked very well cared for and healthy. It certainly made you think of all the creative gardening possibilities. I did not get to explore the whole place due to my back problems that day, but I look forward to making another trip soon. Had a little mix up in the amount of items loaded on my cart, but a wonderful fellow there, Allen, went out of his way, and out of his hours I might add to correct the mix up and it was much appreciated. A good quality gardening find.
I am trying their own Jasmin potting mix, compared to some other local name brands, which so far has a good smell and texture. We will see how the plants take to it, but I expect I won’t be disappointed.
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