Sunday Sweets

Homemade lemon-berry or…Berry-lemon drink.  Had some left-over strawberries from the farmer’s market so I tossed them in with my freshly squeezed lemon drink which I drink to help me absorb iron, and for boredom relief from plain water drinking.  With a  fortune cookie, from the pack below, made a nice perk to the day. Tastes a little like a pineapple drink, you can hardly taste the lemon, except for a bit of tang.  Loved the color, had to take a snap.  When I started taking photos it was filled to the top, and I kept drinking while I was shooting.  Now, as I type the level is about two rings up.  Mmm…the sweetness lingers on the lips.


Taking Steps to be Green

Went looking for compost at the now enclosed indoor farmer’s market near Jean Talon, but the store was closed! They had a bunch of different compost gated in though, and I had a quick look.  I wanted to start to experiment with compost indoors with some dry leaves, and raw vegetable clippings. in order to have some ready for spring time (probably it will take a lot longer).  I need a little bit of it to start off a batch.

While I was out of course had to take some snaps of any good architecture, and of course churches are always interesting.  I love the dome shapes on top, and elongated windows.

I came across this pic of the day for great ideas to plant some lemony plants to keep the mosquitoes at bay from thinking-stoneman.crevice-gardens

I love rocks and am trying to pick up dry stone-walling, however it’s quite a challenge for me as I have a bad back from an auto accident.  I had picked up some tips on proper lifting at the chiropractor, but picked up much more online from stone-walling association handbooks.  I can not do strait lifting, so I do a multiple mini maneuvers, mostly shifting, propping, or rolling, so gravity does most of the job. balancing weights.  Generally though I am stuck to embrace the wall of pain that happens afterward no matter how careful I am to avoid positions that I know can trigger the highly incapacitated zone.

As I am germinating thoughts about planning  a vegetable garden and designing a greenhouse, I also came across this wonderful space saving idea for planting strawberries.

Space saving strawberry planting

A great idea to keep strawberries off the ground.

My jury is still out on whether to take up hydroponic gardening or not, I need to find out the pros and cons of it, but some of the facts I am discovering about plant make up are quite interesting.

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