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blocked sky May 15, 2015

When I went to water the plants this morning my mouth dropped at the huge amounts of chemtrails already in progress. It was in a little bit of a double shock because I suddenly came to the realization without any doubts, that we are indeed being slow killed for population control. It would have been a beautiful day, without the chemtrail interference. Mid May already and today it’s cold outside. The trees and plant life, and any life for that matter are not getting enough sun, or warmth, and are being bombarded with metal poisoning. And who is doing this? I would be prone to say the government/military, but the truth is we have no government, tho plenty of military- being its own corporation. We only have a bunch of corrupt corporations pretending to be government, who have been allowed, through our own apathy to run a muck and destroy this planet. Seems these corporations have bought their way into controlling every aspect of our lives through force and intimidation. Corporations, cold fictions that men have created, an ego driven, title based type mania with no respect for life. Just because it’s done slowly doesn’t make it any less murder. In full view, the Agenda 21, the corporations jointly cooperating, and implementing the policies world wide. The people unable to grasp what type of web we have been cast into, unable to comprehend the evil intentions against us. How can we do anything when we are busy working and giving our hard earned money to these corporations, and barely just surviving ourselves? With absolute malicious fore thought and intent the people are kept drained of their own resources to survive.

blocked sky May 15, 2015

blocked sky May 15, 2015

It is not the corporations, but the will of men that go out and get in their planes and spray the population. It is the will of men to participate to commit these criminal acts purchasing these chemicals, filling the containers daily.

Nobody wants to look at it, our own murder; we want to look at the cute cuddly distractions to make ourselves feel better. Yes it’s important to feel good and embrace positivity. We need that in order to compare and contrast the deep depression we are in, so we can again know how to live life, to remind ourselves how good it can be, but we need to be careful to find a balance with the reality of what truly is going on.  While we are watching the cute and cuddly looking for joy, learning once again how to be whole, we are avoiding holding these men who willingly participate in this destruction, accountable for their actions.



Documentary on GM Trees

I am still learning what Genetically Modified means, and am horrified to learn that it has been here in Canada for many years, and we are consuming it without consent or knowledge, due to no labeling. Many people believe it isn’t going on in Canada, and that Canadian’s blocked GM foods, but it still continues. Currently there are protests going on this week in Ontario to keep GM alfalfa out of the open fields, as alfalfa feeds many live stock which in turn will be contaminated. I don’t believe throwing money at these causes is going to help, as money tends to get misdirected, what the government needs to see is that the public is noticing, and it can’t be slipped under the rug.  Writing to the government and other steps that can be taken are outlined in the link below, a site which also seem to be abreast of all the current modifications to our food supply. It makes my stomach turn to hear what they want to do to apples. It seems they want to make all the world sterile, and be the only ones to have control over pro-creation itself. The notion is psychotic. It is strait out of a Frankenstein movie only it is real! It isn’t enough we didn’t learn from the inability to control nuclear power, and have those mistakes to contend with for years on end, but now we are on the brink of completely eliminating our food supply through genetic mutations that can not be controlled.


LED Grow Light Experiments

Learning about DC, or Direct Current electricity, with my LED grow light experiments for growing vegetables indoors for winter.
Here are my first 3 home made arrays, or strips of 6-high intensity 3 volt each LED’s made from cut plastic strips from old clear, see through DVD cases.

Led lights are quite linear and focused and don’t spread the light too far, so many are needed to cover adequate area. The plus side is they are very low volts and do not consume a lot of power.

A pin was used to puncture the two holes through the plastic, matching the positive and negative LED connectors rather than one large hole for the bulb. This helped keep the bulbs in place without glue.

Foil was wrapped around to help reflect more light and to help keep wiring contained and tidy. Wiring connections to LED’s were soldered and then taped to make sure raw connections are kept from touching each other. A plastic strip placed on the back before the foil, also to cover and protect wiring.

A standard computer power supply was used as a power source to convert 120 V-AC (Alternating Current) household electricity to 12 V-DC electricity.
DC or Direct Current is the type of electricity that is used in solar power. The reason Alternating Current is used for the Hydro grid is because is has to supply many households and has to pump large voltages along it’s grid in order to travel or get to everyone, and then to cover everyone’s use. When solar power is used, it is used only for the consumption to and for one household, so less current and power is needed.

computer power supply color codes

Standard computer power supply wires are color coded to show their uses. Color codes have been upgraded only slightly over the years to accommodate more gadgets, but the basics are still there. Using any two of the ground (black) and the yellow wires connect to 12 volts that is needed. Connecting a wire from green to a black ground puts power on without a computer attached. It is important that there is something there to power before putting on the power. My standard power supply had a handy on off switch, so it wasn’t constantly on, and I didn’t have to always pull the plug.

I preserved my power supply and did no wire cutting, but used the pin connectors. By lightly coating and soldering the wire ends coming from the LED’s as capping, sometimes adding more bits of wire to make it slightly thicker at the end, wires would hold in the connector pin without slipping out. As I made a couple of arrays, two array wires together fit snuggly into one pin connector, and adding more wire wasn’t then that necessary, although soldering was, to stop frays and solidify the wire. All I had to do after soldering the ends was push the wire in snuggly without any special pin connectors. I connected only to the yellow (positive+) and ground (negative-) pins needed for 12V.

My resistor set up. I used a handy wizard tool to help me calculate the resistors from

led wizard
Mr. Andersen explains circuits the best on you tube.

Mr. Andersen circuits
Here is a homemade canopy experiment made from sample led strips, and foil from 2 simple cookie sheets together. Edge rims were cut off, and new foil rims were made bent and folded over. Slightly unbent they could slide in and out of each other to any length, and then completely bent to hold the position. This set up was lightweight.

Canopy unplugged, underside. White leds in center screwed onto light piece of flat wood covered with tin foil. Strips are simply taped. I wrapped the sheet foil around a pole to curve it a bit.

Light canopy, top. Wood was then attached and screwed onto foil by two hooks. Wires are pulled through the hooks and pulled through two more hooks screwed onto the underside of shelf. The canopy is plugged into the 12v power supply.

Plants are said to like the red waves more than blue, so I will be changing these to more red.
These lights are not strong enough for the lavender seedlings below, and I will need more. So I will keep experimenting. As you can see lights can get right up close without burning the plants.
Even though there is only one red strip its waves seem to carry further than the blue, and white, reflecting or touching over everything. The red hue can be seen in most of the photos above. Right now, with white, red and blue, and including clean halogen, my kitchen glows luminously with a warm sunset type coloring.

Posted a video on you tube channel, I’ll post it here also soon.

Into the Light

It was a good day for finally finding some good LED lights locally for my plants.

Here is my golden wax bean sprout changing leaf color from light to dark after only 1 hour of being under new LED lights which had a better 5500k rather than the 3000k of Halogen before it.

I haven’t been posting as I have been madly reading up on how to grow, and trying to understand what plants need in every respect including light.  I’ve been browsing through paper  seed catalogues, and it has been quite a tactile experience, flipping through pages at a leisure pace over tea, enjoyable, and surprisingly calming compared to all the flash and sales pitches of the internet. A steady visual diet of flowers, even pictorially, really does something to enrich the spirit.

Some traditions are worth keeping, paper catolgues make better compost than computer chips.

As you can see above, I have been recycling water bottles into planting pots. The tops snap over the bottom, and the bottom snaps into a draining dish. Also some plastic egg cartons, but once seeds sprouted, those had to be transplanted quickly. The plastics worked better than peat pots that either lay soggy or were too dry, and kept moisture in adequately. Halogen light was the best I could find in the general stores, and when plants were becoming spindly, I had to jump into research on lighting.  Almost going with florescent, but discovering they were potentially harmful to health (mercury), I found LED lights, and fell in love with them.  The heat from the halogen was creating a lot of moisture build up on the egg carton ones, that could be dangerous for plants making them susceptible to rot and fungus.  I had to leave those covers propped slightly open to avoid total sogginess.  Even before the seedlings on the Lavender started sprouting, the earth began smelling somewhat aromatic and filled me with great anticipation.

I am very impressed with the LED lights so far, good response from the plants, low electrical consumption, a lot less heat to worry about. The lighting for photography isn’t bad either, and they should fit right in for the DC change over to solar power,  I am just in love with them.  So now I will be designing a total light set-up for a greenhouse in the planning stages that should keep me growing through out winter months too.

The Holy Ghost Was A Woman…

And she left because man refused to clean up after himself!

The “holy ghost” would be God’s wife, and there be some serious disassociation going on there, probably from a “not mentioned” divorce. To any Freudian-“the Ghost” is the suppression of, at the very least some deep seated relationship problems! And don’t get me started on the Virgin Mary!
There you go, some of my feminist musings! I am sure they are way out there.

Not that I don’t believe in God, but more like a higher creative being, that by way is sexless. But I do suppose I am just as guilty, and tend to attach a sex to certain things to make it more comfortable and connective for me to relate to. It often puzzled me when phrases like…He leadeth me…came up, and there I was trying desperately to imagine God …I’m like what? God has a beard????…even though contrarily the “He” wasn’t supposed to have an image.

But I digress…the issue here is about clean up. Clean up, and the attitude that someone else will do it …like it is a “Holy Ghost” that is supposed to come and clean up for them at no cost, or at best minimal cost. No one seems to be counting this “hidden” cost “ into the big industrial plan. There is an assumption that clean up will take care of itself, or that someone else will do it. Often times the clean up is abandoned, just blatantly ignored and left out there to wreak havoc, as in the oil fields below.




It’s quickly becoming no longer so “hidden”, visually, or health wise.
So what happens when you start acknowledging this mess and start calculating the actual total cost, including clean up and health, instead of the delusional, slanted profit only calculations? Are there not more balanced and moderate ways of developing? I don’t think a lot of environmentalists want to halt progress; they simply want to see it done in a more responsible, healthy and balanced manner.

burtynsky_shipbreaking # 9a, Chittagong, Bangladesh 2000

burtynsky_shipbreaking # 9a, Chittagong, Bangladesh 2000

A lot of what is going on right now is making no sense to me. For instance take the above scene of recycling management for ships. Is just passing the buck and shipping across the world, where we don’t have to deal with it, the solution? When I see exportation of items deemed to be “trash” recycled elsewhere, such as above, I need to question why? Why export when we can use these materials here, and pay the unemployed here to take it apart. Doesn’t it actually cost more just for the exportation, or the trip itself, anyways? I am left wondering, how much does it cost to ship a ship across to the other side of the world anyway?

Edward Burtynsky Recycling #2, Chittagong, Bangladesh 2001

If unions were present here, they would have a field day.
This puts new meaning to the words “job with NO health benefits!”

2001 © Edward Burtynsky Courtesy Nicholas Metivier Gallery & Hasted Hunt Kraeutler New York

And, is grouping items which may not be toxic in small quantities, but can become highly toxic in large quantities, thus bringing higher levels of exposure to people who work with them, the way to go?  I don’t know, but I think there are certain substances and chemicals that just shouldn’t be amassed in large quantities.

Clean up seems to be on my agenda for the New Year, whether I like it or not.

The first mind-bender that occurred for me when addressing my own waste management, and doing composting, was the realization of how chronic my utter dependency and programming had become to a system that continually took waste responsibility out of my hands and hauled it away. Hauled it away at more and more cost, (invisible and not) to do what it felt was right, but not necessarily what was right for the earth, for my long term health, or for other people for that matter.  How could I have been so blind?

So I am learning how to be more self-sufficient, and not just go along to the program of servicing everything out.  To my surprise,  I really didn’t think I would get such a kick out of composting!  What a miracle it was that my table scraps, with some time and cultivation, where practical gold for the garden.  I am seeing that composting is really about balancing portions, testing, and a bit of forecasting and anticipating reactions of substances and forces. Immediately it becomes quite clear that amassing large quantities of anything becomes a total imbalance because then it becomes that much harder to contain.

In all, I blame my “Holy Ghost” musings, on previous templates of marriage, where woman landed up doing all the clean up in the home, not only for their husbands, but also for their children. This led men who run the corporations, to be happily oblivious to clean up, leading them to believe that someone else will do it.

So, ladies, the next time you see your mate’s, or child’s socks laying on the floor, no matter how nauseating, or repulsive it is to see it stay there, refrain from picking it up! Lest you be inadvertently participating in giving out the model thinking, or assumption, that “the holy ghost” will do it. If your status as female is “ghostly” you have absolutely no “hands on” the real world anyways!  Those invisible domestic hours, and that invisible domestic pay check proves it!  It’s a 3D world now, and your children (who become corporate leaders) and significant others need to see the 360 degree vision, that if they don’t clean up the mess, eventually it’s gonna come up and bite them!…and set anything “other, ghostly, or holy” around to flee.

Hopefully, that be the end of my feminist musings for the year, and not too much more muck and mire!

This is Part Two and end of  “LANDSCAPES AROUND THE WORLD”

Solar Power and Tree Structures

Here we are in the middle of January dealing with blizzard type weather and high winds last night, which kept me up all night and left me in a somber mood for the bulk of the morning.  I thirstily picked up this article about the sun, if only to change my focus.

This is a great idea I read about! Fashioning solar panels after trees. I think we have a lot to learn from nature, and I am glad someone’s observing and thinking, and finding ways to boost solar power.  In this application apparently there is good 50% boost of power in December compared to regular panels.  I often wondered about changing the rather dull and boring designs for solar panels.  When viewing how to do it yourself, one of the main worries is breaking the cells, but that certainly wasn’t a concern in this design.  I am wondering also about the sealing process applied here.  It really is encouraging to know that often the only limits there are, are the ones we place on ourselves.

Read more on it in the link below from Inhabitat.

13-Year-Old Makes Solar Power Breakthrough by Harnessing the Fibonacci Sequence | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World.

Landscapes Around The World

manufactured landscapes..

I started the New Year, treating myself to this movie,  Manufactured Landscapes by Edward Burtynsky,  rather late in viewing as it was released in 2006.

It hit me rather hard, and I am still trying to digest the  realities it presented.  Firstly,  I was depressed by the notion of humanity as we know it, to be in no better condition than that of cattle on the slaughterhouse assembly line.  Where the  existence of an individual is lost,  people are just  masses,  and every aspect of  life, including such things as entertainment, seems to be generic, dictated, controlled and directed.  Nothing existing for the good of the people, but solely for the good of controlling parties who couldn’t care less about anything but their own narcissist interests.

It’s one thing to run a company like a McDonald’s, but to run cities, or nations like it, is another, especially when issues like clean up have not been thoroughly tested,  dealt with, or just ignored.  And please no…not landscaping with plastic plants!

If this reality persisted there would be no individuals left, no artists to create  movies either, but hey! who needs them when you have a slave nation.  We really are shooting ourselves in the foot if we think human kind can continue in this fashion.  On this path the world would have nothing human or kind in it.

I continue on this in my next blog which is entitled “The Holy Ghost Was a Woman”

In the meantime,  more of Edward Burtynsky’s perturbing photography here:

oil field

SOCAR Oil Fields #4   Edward Burtynsky

Some more must see documentary movies for the informed mind:


Food, Inc

Vanishing of the Bees

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