Best Harvest for 2012 – Peppers!

Peppers, the best harvest this first gardening year. Bell peppers in the forefront.

The best harvest for our first garden year 2012 are the peppers! These red bell peppers were brought in from outside.  Unfortunately we didn’t clean the plants down prior to bringing them in and they had spider mites.  For the most part for winter I will have to start over, except for a few I caught before they went down. I’ve been introduced to a couple of new insects, their function, and how to companion plant to keep them away. I’ll be planting some garlic in with my cucumbers, and see how it goes. Here is a good link on some advice on what to do prior to bringing plants inside.

Bringing Plants Indoors Safely!

The harvest was enough for several really great meals, but not enough to do any canning. At least now I have a better idea of how many to plant, and their size requirements. It is so hard to go back to buying store bought in the meantime.

I struggled with the spinach due to the heat.  They either didn’t sprout, or bolted. With the colder weather, I planted a new batch and have them covered with plastic outside, and they don’t seem to mind the cool weather at all. Unfortunately,  I’ve been snacking on the leaves faster than they are growing!

The main focus for winter will be to get our herbs in shape.




Documentary on GM Trees

I am still learning what Genetically Modified means, and am horrified to learn that it has been here in Canada for many years, and we are consuming it without consent or knowledge, due to no labeling. Many people believe it isn’t going on in Canada, and that Canadian’s blocked GM foods, but it still continues. Currently there are protests going on this week in Ontario to keep GM alfalfa out of the open fields, as alfalfa feeds many live stock which in turn will be contaminated. I don’t believe throwing money at these causes is going to help, as money tends to get misdirected, what the government needs to see is that the public is noticing, and it can’t be slipped under the rug.  Writing to the government and other steps that can be taken are outlined in the link below, a site which also seem to be abreast of all the current modifications to our food supply. It makes my stomach turn to hear what they want to do to apples. It seems they want to make all the world sterile, and be the only ones to have control over pro-creation itself. The notion is psychotic. It is strait out of a Frankenstein movie only it is real! It isn’t enough we didn’t learn from the inability to control nuclear power, and have those mistakes to contend with for years on end, but now we are on the brink of completely eliminating our food supply through genetic mutations that can not be controlled.


Inspirational Drops of Water

With a plastic cover on, the moisture/layering seedling  plants hardly need any watering with tap water.

Layering seedlings doing well. Paper layer as protective barrier from soil fungus, has completely dissolved. Protective clear plastic cover for anything airborne is still on, and plants are enjoying the natural moisture levels. These particular seedlings thrive in moisture.

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