Camera Girl

camera-girl-kodak illustration

Came across this wonderful image of a woman behind a camera while moving some boxes. One of the boxes was my memorabilia box. Some old photos, and writings by my mother. I feel as if she was still here when I see her handwriting and can smell her familiar perfume in her things. Her private thoughts away from her family scrawled upon a page evoked a sense of her vivacious spirit. It always surprises me that she had a life separate from her children. She always made us feel that we were the center of her world.
I think I will be putting up my dad’s Coronet F-20 camera up for sale soon.

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Lac Evans, Quebec

Lak Evans, Lakefield, QC

Beautiful Lake Evans which has so captured my heart and probably my soul too. I hope to explore all the lakes around the Laurentians. I never thought that I would be caught reading about mosses and looking up tree ailments, having been raised in the city, but my favorite tree which I call “Molly” seems to be afflicted with something. I am still learning the turf. As I adventure I will be posting my explorations of this area, and this completely new way of living for me. Fed up with the diluted products today, I’ve decided to start to do things Au-natural. Looked into some soap making yesterday.

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