Canadian Art Mystery

This photo was taken from the audio/slide show The mystery of Tom Thomson’s death 
Spent most of the day catching up on some Canadian art news and reading about this intriguing unsolved mystery of Tom Thompson. In the process I was happy to discover a writer who writes about Canada. I am glad they found out it was his skull. No mention of the families reaction though to the finding.  And there was some question about it being a bullet hole. It sure looks like it to me, but I am not a forensic scientist. What was the other option…the theory that he injured himself with his rowing ore. You would think they could now do a proper investigation to find out if the hole is a gun shot wound or not.  Here’s a photo of him with a paddle. 

For some reason I think the paddle would have made more of a mess. Where are CSI when you need them!!!


Yes, We Wood!

“Yes, We Wood!” is a term created to express our method, or modus operandi, of keeping forests green.  It means that we plant trees, or “wood” whenever a tree is unnaturally displaced.   For example: when a tree is removed, or chopped down for a clearing, or needs to be removed due to being too close to a house or driveway etc…we commit to plant a tree in its stead; maybe even two to ensure growth, in another location close to it.

It may not seem like a large thing to do, but it is do-able within our scope, and leaves the ratio of green directly around us the same as we found it.

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