A Man, His Dog, and Canoes

                                     Image  from the Tom Thomson Art Gallery

Around the rest of the world it’s a man and his dog, in Canada, it’s a man, his dog, and his canoe.  Well, these days there are only a portion of people who are out on the waters with canoes.  I guess I love this image because it was in a canoe on a school trip that I discovered my love of the land.  I can vividly recall the rowing ore pushing away the solid land and all things secure, and my nervousness which came from the brief  “how not to drown lesson” prior, quickly dissipating along with the ripples of the water underneath the boat.  A very good grip of fresh, healthy oxygen entered my lungs, and then I  looked up to the embrace of the landscape.   I was awestruck,  and while deeply immersed exploring all the facets before me,  time flew by as if I was traveling time itself, yet peacefully still in space.  Then, a swirling wind came around and, as if playfully, whipped my  nerdy summer hat off and forced our journey to side track to fetch it.  It was as if the wind denoted its power, and as if to say “nature can take you anytime, but not today”.  The waters were becoming turbulent and we had to return to shore, despite my pleadings to stay.  The adventure of a direct meeting with nature was cut short, but I was hooked, and bound to return.

And then there are bears!

George McLean The Living Landscape

Bears needs a whole other post!  I will add a link when it’s done.

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