A Simple Days Harvest

A simple day's harvest. Red pepper, tomatoe, calendula, french thyme

A simple day’s harvest. Red pepper, tomato, calendula, french thyme.

This is a days harvest, and I wish days were simple, but most of them aren’t. Knowing the labor of love involved in the growing process, and the daily tending that brought the results. Probably I bring more to the process than needs to be, trying to figure out ailments, pests, and nutrient deficiencies, an anxiety that wouldn’t be so pronounced had I not been alienated from natural process. I only plucked what I needed for dinner.  The camera failed to capture the striking color streak on this pepper.  I hated like heck to cut into it’s simple beauty, but the taste made it worth it.  Even though I still buy most of my vegetables at the farmers market, there is still quite a difference between bought and home grown. Home grown seems more potent and rich, the textures less fibrous and more complex, with usually a direct energy spike after eating that seems lacking in the purchased.
This years harvest wasn’t as bountiful as last years, however the tomatoes came ripe at a steady pace through out the summer.  Enough ripe tomatoes for a salad a day, rather than all ripening at the same time at end of season.  So I wasn’t left without, but still didn’t have enough to can!
It seems to be that I only get one crop of fruit with the plants and they halt growing further. I trimmed the peppers early in growth and did notice a more full bunch, but they were struck with heavy rain which weakened the second set of budding flowers at their base, and then heavy winds directly afterward that just blew the bulk of the flowers away.  I only found out too late, when I stepped out into a floor of knocked off flowers, and they never recovered past the first flower set. Absolutely need to move on with the greenhouse.


“It’s All Jasmine!”

Jasmine blossoms.

Jasmine blossoms.

It is impossible to look upon the Jasmine flowers and remain angry. These small and gentle breaths of light have no room for negative thoughts. And no matter how fierce and heavy the weight of rage, stress or worry, after a few moments in the gaze of such delicate, gentle and soft whispers of light and being, these thoughts dissipate like a whisper that you’re not sure ever was.

Jasmine early morning blossoms.

Jasmine early morning blossoms.

I used to have a friend who always replied in the face of adversity with “It’s all good!”, and I took it to mean even the bad is good. Well today, I rephrase that saying into “It’s all jasmine!”.  No wonder it is a national symbol in the Philippines and Indonesia, and is placed around temples of worship, and also used in religious ceremonies, festivals and rituals. I find it hard to believe the small plants I have can grow up to 9ft. Trying to work with the most natural light as possible when taking photos. with these flowers opening up in the evening  it has been quite a challenge. Getting these shots in the morning was just lucky. Usually I find the flowers fallen and spent come the morning, and I place them in a glass jar with my green tea for a couple of hours, to make a fuller and deeper taste. As they start to wilt I place them to further dry in my other potted plants as a mulch.

Calendula going to seed.

Calendula going to seed.

This calendula flower left to dry on the plant for seeds. resembles a bad hair day, but I like that wild and crazy look. I don’t seem to have enough flowers for the variety of flying insects now showing up to feed on the flowers. Next year I will have to plant a better portion.

Calendula buddies.

Calendula buddies.

Calendula buddies!

Calendula petals

Calendula petals


Eggplant getting fat.

Eggplants coming along nicely. had the first one for lunch today. Oh my gosh! Is that August coming up?

Calendula and Pollinator

Calendula and pollinator

The url:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sDI1AtE5Yk

Watching this pollinator visit the Calendula’s brought a wonderful sense of connection and joy.  Initially I thought this was a bee, but it may be a wasp.  Haven’t seen too many bees,  when they are around I don’t have to worry about pollinating by hand. Here is a link to a visual:  Bug Guide.

It’s the first time I’ve experienced Calendula’s and I find them to be quite active.  They open in the day and close in the evening. I trimmed the green leaves on one  that had bloomed and it responded moments later by quickly closing up. Though the bulk of the seeds had not sprouted due to the poor weather, the few that did still gave a variety of different colors.

Calendula deep yellow and brown center.

Calendula deep yellow and brown center.

Calendula, cream petals and  orange yellow center.

Calendula, cream petals and orange yellow center.

Calendula with marigold.

Calendula with marigold.

The flowers don’t seem to give off any scent, but they are attracting some beneficial insects. When getting up close to them they are like a bunch of mini sun’s lifting the spirit.  Some of it’s medicinal uses are anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, it stimulates the lymphatic system, and stimulates bile.  Topically it’s used for wounds scraps and burns, and even chicken pox, and can be used as a douche for yeast infections. So far I have only placed a few petals in some salad, and find they don’t seem to have any particular taste, but I haven’t made any tea’s with it yet.

It still makes me wonder how on earth I became so alienated from these gifts right under our noses. Somehow they were replaced with pavement and shopping malls, and a ton of new ailments that I now must heal.  So glad to find the path back to the garden.

Hearing the Sky

It’s been an interesting day, after filming these chem-trails here in Montreal, when I played it back, I could hear this weird whooring sound, I imagine this is from HAARP.  Had to share it. If it’s wind it’s the weirdest wind I’ve ever heard or recorded, it’s far too rounded, deep and symmetrical, unlike the surface scratchy type sound when wind hits the mic.  Have been reading about actual experiment results and reports from this technology, and the use of microwave pulse frequencies all morning. Did you know at certain frequencies they can make animals go to sleep and manipulate behaviors. Well, I have completely lost all my skepticism regarding the validity of chem-trail existence, it’s been just too blatant and an everyday occurrence. If the following youtube doesn’t play here is the direct link:  Hearing the Sky, June 26th 2013 Montreal, Canada



As these photos show, chem-trails do not evaporate like contrails do, chem-trails leave a long line that stays, and then spreads out covering the sky in gray particles.

Chemtrails-02aIn this photo you can see the criss cross and the geometric patterning. Clouds don’t criss cross in this manner.

I am convinced that these chemicals are to no benefit to humans, or any living being, and are indeed aiding in causing the cancer epidemic. I have already lost 2 members of my family to this disease, both of whom did not make it through the chemo rounds. I am learning all the different natural methods people are using, many with great success. A couple of them like alkalizing the body I am trying myself.

Borage Herb

Well the sun is blazing today, and the plants that like the heat are doing well. These few surviving borage plants, after the rough start. finally started to blossom today.

Borage flower

Borage flower

The leaves are supposed to have a cucumber like taste, and the flowers are sweet and like honey, however, I have not tasted them yet.  If you place the flowers in water and freeze in ice cube trays, you can use them to have a cooling effect in your drinks not to mention the visual appeal of  the wild look of the flower.

borage flower-02

It has been used to regulate the metabolism and the hormonal system,  for  gastrointestinal  cramps, and to aid the airways  for things such as asthma, bronchitis, as well as cardiovascular, urinary, bladder or kidney disorders. According to Wikipedia,  in Poland it is sometimes used to flavor pickled Gherkins. So many uses for such a demure and small sized plant.

A wild like bunch of borage two days before blossoming.

A wild like bunch of borage two days before blossoming.

Blue, spiky, and fuzzy borage.

A Natural Network

A natural network within the eggplant leaves.

A natural network shining through the eggplant leaves.

Amazed at the intricate network displayed through the sun and the leaves of this eggplant.

Curly patterning of eggplant leaves.

Curly patterning of eggplant leaves.

The perimeter curliness makes an interesting plant even before the benefits of the fruit.

Baby eggplants beginning to grow.

Baby eggplants beginning to grow.

After a rough beginning to spring with constant cloud, storms and cold, the first baby eggplants are finally peering out. These eggplants seem to be the sturdiest of the seedlings planted this year. Numerous other plantings went bad due to poor lighting, and insect problems which in turn led to black sooty mildew, which pretty much destroyed the bulk of seedling before their first true leaves, or shortly after starting to truly taking off. Oddly enough the lettuce is doing very well in these water bottles on the interior window sill, despite the high humidity. Although they aren’t as strong and sturdy as they could be if they were grown outdoors, they were still quite edible. Had I known lettuce was so easy to grow I would have planted them last year. It was quite enjoyable to taste different varieties, compared to the limited palate of the standard store varieties. And since we had plenty lettuce, of course experiments with salad dressings were par for the course, and even venturing into making home made mayo for the first time!  In so doing I discovered an excellent chef whom I highly recommend foodwishes.blogspot.ca . The taste in the store bought mayonnaise went years ago, and I simply stopped buying it altogether. After years of not tasting mayo, it was a special treat and the creaminess of homemade was beyond compare.

Lettuce growing in plastic water bottle.

Lettuce growing in plastic water bottle on window sill.

Continued Disturbing Weather Everywhere

white skies-1

Am I alarmed? Am I distressed? Or am I just depressed? Friday April 19, 2013 and more white skies, with more  wind this year than usual.  I decided to see how other people are experiencing the extreme weather so far this year, and have compiled  video logs of surrounding area. Some further away, but which come close to expressing my own sentiment. It is more evident to me that this is not God’s work, but man made and the doings of Haarp and Geo-engineering. So how do we turn it off? I am still mourning the death of specific species of fish who’s mass corpses have shown up sporadically on Canadian shores. For  me, when only specific species die, it is because they were targeted. Was their death intentional or just a consequence of all the free for all or  “unreined” mass experimenting under the guise of profit making, going on? But where is the profit? I am only seeing destruction.

Link :  HAARP web site

Link:  Haarp CBC Broadcast

From the online dictionary-

unreined – Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 (?)
51 Moby Thesaurus words for "unreined":
   abandoned, disobedient, go-go, headstrong, heady, immoderate,
   incontinent, indulgent, insubordinate, intemperate, irrepressible,
   irresponsible, lawless, lax, licentious, loose, mutinous,
   nonrestrictive, out of control, out of hand, permissive, rampant,
   reinless, riotous, self-willed, unaccountable, unbridled,
   unchecked, uncoerced, uncompelled, unconstrained, uncontrolled,
   uncurbed, undisciplined, unforced, ungoverned, uninhibited,
   unmastered, unmeasured, unmuzzled, unrepressed, unreserved,
   unrestrained, unrestrictive, unruly, unsubdued, unsuppressed,
   wanton, wild, wildcat, willful

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

Best Harvest for 2012 – Peppers!

Peppers, the best harvest this first gardening year. Bell peppers in the forefront.

The best harvest for our first garden year 2012 are the peppers! These red bell peppers were brought in from outside.  Unfortunately we didn’t clean the plants down prior to bringing them in and they had spider mites.  For the most part for winter I will have to start over, except for a few I caught before they went down. I’ve been introduced to a couple of new insects, their function, and how to companion plant to keep them away. I’ll be planting some garlic in with my cucumbers, and see how it goes. Here is a good link on some advice on what to do prior to bringing plants inside.

Bringing Plants Indoors Safely!

The harvest was enough for several really great meals, but not enough to do any canning. At least now I have a better idea of how many to plant, and their size requirements. It is so hard to go back to buying store bought in the meantime.

I struggled with the spinach due to the heat.  They either didn’t sprout, or bolted. With the colder weather, I planted a new batch and have them covered with plastic outside, and they don’t seem to mind the cool weather at all. Unfortunately,  I’ve been snacking on the leaves faster than they are growing!

The main focus for winter will be to get our herbs in shape.



Documentary on GM Trees

I am still learning what Genetically Modified means, and am horrified to learn that it has been here in Canada for many years, and we are consuming it without consent or knowledge, due to no labeling. Many people believe it isn’t going on in Canada, and that Canadian’s blocked GM foods, but it still continues. Currently there are protests going on this week in Ontario to keep GM alfalfa out of the open fields, as alfalfa feeds many live stock which in turn will be contaminated. I don’t believe throwing money at these causes is going to help, as money tends to get misdirected, what the government needs to see is that the public is noticing, and it can’t be slipped under the rug.  Writing to the government and other steps that can be taken are outlined in the link below, a site which also seem to be abreast of all the current modifications to our food supply. It makes my stomach turn to hear what they want to do to apples. It seems they want to make all the world sterile, and be the only ones to have control over pro-creation itself. The notion is psychotic. It is strait out of a Frankenstein movie only it is real! It isn’t enough we didn’t learn from the inability to control nuclear power, and have those mistakes to contend with for years on end, but now we are on the brink of completely eliminating our food supply through genetic mutations that can not be controlled.



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