Incredible Stunning Morning

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blocked sky May 15, 2015

When I went to water the plants this morning my mouth dropped at the huge amounts of chemtrails already in progress. It was in a little bit of a double shock because I suddenly came to the realization without any doubts, that we are indeed being slow killed for population control. It would have been a beautiful day, without the chemtrail interference. Mid May already and today it’s cold outside. The trees and plant life, and any life for that matter are not getting enough sun, or warmth, and are being bombarded with metal poisoning. And who is doing this? I would be prone to say the government/military, but the truth is we have no government, tho plenty of military- being its own corporation. We only have a bunch of corrupt corporations pretending to be government, who have been allowed, through our own apathy to run a muck and destroy this planet. Seems these corporations have bought their way into controlling every aspect of our lives through force and intimidation. Corporations, cold fictions that men have created, an ego driven, title based type mania with no respect for life. Just because it’s done slowly doesn’t make it any less murder. In full view, the Agenda 21, the corporations jointly cooperating, and implementing the policies world wide. The people unable to grasp what type of web we have been cast into, unable to comprehend the evil intentions against us. How can we do anything when we are busy working and giving our hard earned money to these corporations, and barely just surviving ourselves? With absolute malicious fore thought and intent the people are kept drained of their own resources to survive.

blocked sky May 15, 2015

blocked sky May 15, 2015

It is not the corporations, but the will of men that go out and get in their planes and spray the population. It is the will of men to participate to commit these criminal acts purchasing these chemicals, filling the containers daily.

Nobody wants to look at it, our own murder; we want to look at the cute cuddly distractions to make ourselves feel better. Yes it’s important to feel good and embrace positivity. We need that in order to compare and contrast the deep depression we are in, so we can again know how to live life, to remind ourselves how good it can be, but we need to be careful to find a balance with the reality of what truly is going on.  While we are watching the cute and cuddly looking for joy, learning once again how to be whole, we are avoiding holding these men who willingly participate in this destruction, accountable for their actions.


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