Drinking Wormwood Tea


Drinking wormwood tea for the first time, was much anticipated, more than what I expected, and definitely did not disappoint. Having read that the Impressionist used to drink absinthe, knowing wormwood was used as part of the drink, and being an artist, it was almost an obligation to experience a part of what the masters experienced.


Van Gogh -Still Life with Absinthe



Wormwood does not make the whole absinthe drink, but is used along with other herbs in an alcohol base.  Making a tea with it, and using it for the anti-worm properties it has, was far different.  Apparently, it was used for this purpose as far back as the Roman days, so really it is doubly a taste of history.

absinthe art1

Of course there is warning saying you should not intake too much, which goes for all things, and can have adverse effects if overdone, so proceed with caution.


The unusual phrase attached to absinthe “chasing the green fairy”, now makes perfect sense to me.  Though it is implied that one hallucinates, I didn’t with a simple tea without any alcohol, but the very first ways my perceptions changed was that I became increasingly aware of the air around me. Light and airy, as if you became the substance of feathers.  There is a heightening of senses, and so you are more aware and look around (for the green fairy-not that you actually expected to find one-still being very much attached to your good senses) as if new to the world. A feeling of well being, is quite firm, but lasts only a few minutes, till you take your next sip.

For some reason I didn’t want to gulp it down, and lingered over it for well over half an hour, it being a leisure thing and experience by its nature.

One of the tragic things about being artistic is that often you are in a brew, tumultuously turning things over in your mind, searching at the depth of things and it can get quite serious and often you find yourself in a depressed state.  So when something like this light and airy feeling comes into your scope, the contrast makes you wonder, do un-depressed people feel like this all the time? Mmm…I am sure – not. It’s not the type/ sense of well being that makes you crave more, and thirst desperately or addictively for your next intake either, but more like an after dinner mint at the end of the week.

I made my tea quite mild, and mixed it half and half with green tea, and some sugar.  The first time it was very bitter, but in a good way like a tonic. The second time I didn’t dry it so long, for only about a week, so perhaps it was more mild than the first time, and I used also a pinch of fresh ground nutmeg, and I think that is what took the edge off the bitterness. It had a type of sweet and bitter thing going on. A real treat, definitely recommend.



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  1. Fascinating .. always wondered about L’Absinthe ….


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