Fertility Natures Way

Buttercrunch lettuce flowers.

Buttercrunch lettuce flowers.

Watching nature and the fascinating self-made propagation, or the way plants give back to the earth.  When placing the lettuce outside it immediately bolted, grew to about 3 feet, and began going to seed.  Surprised by the flourish of flowers which only stayed open for a brief time, then closed up and when they opened again had a puffy fine lined feathery bouquet with seeds attached underneath.  I like the way Wikipedia describes it like a “parachute”, and,  “The pappus remains at the top of each fruit as a  dispersal structure”.


Buttercrunch lettuce seeds under a fine lined feathery bouquet glittering in the sun.

Built within it’s structure the seeds get picked up by the wind and can self propagate without any help. It is wonderful to see this type of bounty.

With fall and cool weather my mind is focused on preparing the soil and I saw a wonderful film about soil fertility which shows a method with wood chips that keeps the soil fertility process in balance in the link below called “Back to Eden”

Back to Eden film.

Back to Eden film.


The film is also on http://vimeo.com/28055108

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