A Simple Days Harvest

A simple day's harvest. Red pepper, tomatoe, calendula, french thyme

A simple day’s harvest. Red pepper, tomato, calendula, french thyme.

This is a days harvest, and I wish days were simple, but most of them aren’t. Knowing the labor of love involved in the growing process, and the daily tending that brought the results. Probably I bring more to the process than needs to be, trying to figure out ailments, pests, and nutrient deficiencies, an anxiety that wouldn’t be so pronounced had I not been alienated from natural process. I only plucked what I needed for dinner.  The camera failed to capture the striking color streak on this pepper.  I hated like heck to cut into it’s simple beauty, but the taste made it worth it.  Even though I still buy most of my vegetables at the farmers market, there is still quite a difference between bought and home grown. Home grown seems more potent and rich, the textures less fibrous and more complex, with usually a direct energy spike after eating that seems lacking in the purchased.
This years harvest wasn’t as bountiful as last years, however the tomatoes came ripe at a steady pace through out the summer.  Enough ripe tomatoes for a salad a day, rather than all ripening at the same time at end of season.  So I wasn’t left without, but still didn’t have enough to can!
It seems to be that I only get one crop of fruit with the plants and they halt growing further. I trimmed the peppers early in growth and did notice a more full bunch, but they were struck with heavy rain which weakened the second set of budding flowers at their base, and then heavy winds directly afterward that just blew the bulk of the flowers away.  I only found out too late, when I stepped out into a floor of knocked off flowers, and they never recovered past the first flower set. Absolutely need to move on with the greenhouse.

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