“It’s All Jasmine!”

Jasmine blossoms.

Jasmine blossoms.

It is impossible to look upon the Jasmine flowers and remain angry. These small and gentle breaths of light have no room for negative thoughts. And no matter how fierce and heavy the weight of rage, stress or worry, after a few moments in the gaze of such delicate, gentle and soft whispers of light and being, these thoughts dissipate like a whisper that you’re not sure ever was.

Jasmine early morning blossoms.

Jasmine early morning blossoms.

I used to have a friend who always replied in the face of adversity with “It’s all good!”, and I took it to mean even the bad is good. Well today, I rephrase that saying into “It’s all jasmine!”.  No wonder it is a national symbol in the Philippines and Indonesia, and is placed around temples of worship, and also used in religious ceremonies, festivals and rituals. I find it hard to believe the small plants I have can grow up to 9ft. Trying to work with the most natural light as possible when taking photos. with these flowers opening up in the evening  it has been quite a challenge. Getting these shots in the morning was just lucky. Usually I find the flowers fallen and spent come the morning, and I place them in a glass jar with my green tea for a couple of hours, to make a fuller and deeper taste. As they start to wilt I place them to further dry in my other potted plants as a mulch.

Calendula going to seed.

Calendula going to seed.

This calendula flower left to dry on the plant for seeds. resembles a bad hair day, but I like that wild and crazy look. I don’t seem to have enough flowers for the variety of flying insects now showing up to feed on the flowers. Next year I will have to plant a better portion.

Calendula buddies.

Calendula buddies.

Calendula buddies!

Calendula petals

Calendula petals


Eggplant getting fat.

Eggplants coming along nicely. had the first one for lunch today. Oh my gosh! Is that August coming up?

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  1. Mona

     /  July 30, 2013

    Lovely shots……..


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