Calendula and Pollinator

Calendula and pollinator

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Watching this pollinator visit the Calendula’s brought a wonderful sense of connection and joy.  Initially I thought this was a bee, but it may be a wasp.  Haven’t seen too many bees,  when they are around I don’t have to worry about pollinating by hand. Here is a link to a visual:  Bug Guide.

It’s the first time I’ve experienced Calendula’s and I find them to be quite active.  They open in the day and close in the evening. I trimmed the green leaves on one  that had bloomed and it responded moments later by quickly closing up. Though the bulk of the seeds had not sprouted due to the poor weather, the few that did still gave a variety of different colors.

Calendula deep yellow and brown center.

Calendula deep yellow and brown center.

Calendula, cream petals and  orange yellow center.

Calendula, cream petals and orange yellow center.

Calendula with marigold.

Calendula with marigold.

The flowers don’t seem to give off any scent, but they are attracting some beneficial insects. When getting up close to them they are like a bunch of mini sun’s lifting the spirit.  Some of it’s medicinal uses are anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, it stimulates the lymphatic system, and stimulates bile.  Topically it’s used for wounds scraps and burns, and even chicken pox, and can be used as a douche for yeast infections. So far I have only placed a few petals in some salad, and find they don’t seem to have any particular taste, but I haven’t made any tea’s with it yet.

It still makes me wonder how on earth I became so alienated from these gifts right under our noses. Somehow they were replaced with pavement and shopping malls, and a ton of new ailments that I now must heal.  So glad to find the path back to the garden.

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