Hearing the Sky

It’s been an interesting day, after filming these chem-trails here in Montreal, when I played it back, I could hear this weird whooring sound, I imagine this is from HAARP.  Had to share it. If it’s wind it’s the weirdest wind I’ve ever heard or recorded, it’s far too rounded, deep and symmetrical, unlike the surface scratchy type sound when wind hits the mic.  Have been reading about actual experiment results and reports from this technology, and the use of microwave pulse frequencies all morning. Did you know at certain frequencies they can make animals go to sleep and manipulate behaviors. Well, I have completely lost all my skepticism regarding the validity of chem-trail existence, it’s been just too blatant and an everyday occurrence. If the following youtube doesn’t play here is the direct link:  Hearing the Sky, June 26th 2013 Montreal, Canada



As these photos show, chem-trails do not evaporate like contrails do, chem-trails leave a long line that stays, and then spreads out covering the sky in gray particles.

Chemtrails-02aIn this photo you can see the criss cross and the geometric patterning. Clouds don’t criss cross in this manner.

I am convinced that these chemicals are to no benefit to humans, or any living being, and are indeed aiding in causing the cancer epidemic. I have already lost 2 members of my family to this disease, both of whom did not make it through the chemo rounds. I am learning all the different natural methods people are using, many with great success. A couple of them like alkalizing the body I am trying myself.

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