A Natural Network

A natural network within the eggplant leaves.

A natural network shining through the eggplant leaves.

Amazed at the intricate network displayed through the sun and the leaves of this eggplant.

Curly patterning of eggplant leaves.

Curly patterning of eggplant leaves.

The perimeter curliness makes an interesting plant even before the benefits of the fruit.

Baby eggplants beginning to grow.

Baby eggplants beginning to grow.

After a rough beginning to spring with constant cloud, storms and cold, the first baby eggplants are finally peering out. These eggplants seem to be the sturdiest of the seedlings planted this year. Numerous other plantings went bad due to poor lighting, and insect problems which in turn led to black sooty mildew, which pretty much destroyed the bulk of seedling before their first true leaves, or shortly after starting to truly taking off. Oddly enough the lettuce is doing very well in these water bottles on the interior window sill, despite the high humidity. Although they aren’t as strong and sturdy as they could be if they were grown outdoors, they were still quite edible. Had I known lettuce was so easy to grow I would have planted them last year. It was quite enjoyable to taste different varieties, compared to the limited palate of the standard store varieties. And since we had plenty lettuce, of course experiments with salad dressings were par for the course, and even venturing into making home made mayo for the first time!  In so doing I discovered an excellent chef whom I highly recommend foodwishes.blogspot.ca . The taste in the store bought mayonnaise went years ago, and I simply stopped buying it altogether. After years of not tasting mayo, it was a special treat and the creaminess of homemade was beyond compare.

Lettuce growing in plastic water bottle.

Lettuce growing in plastic water bottle on window sill.

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