Best Harvest for 2012 – Peppers!

Peppers, the best harvest this first gardening year. Bell peppers in the forefront.

The best harvest for our first garden year 2012 are the peppers! These red bell peppers were brought in from outside.  Unfortunately we didn’t clean the plants down prior to bringing them in and they had spider mites.  For the most part for winter I will have to start over, except for a few I caught before they went down. I’ve been introduced to a couple of new insects, their function, and how to companion plant to keep them away. I’ll be planting some garlic in with my cucumbers, and see how it goes. Here is a good link on some advice on what to do prior to bringing plants inside.

Bringing Plants Indoors Safely!

The harvest was enough for several really great meals, but not enough to do any canning. At least now I have a better idea of how many to plant, and their size requirements. It is so hard to go back to buying store bought in the meantime.

I struggled with the spinach due to the heat.  They either didn’t sprout, or bolted. With the colder weather, I planted a new batch and have them covered with plastic outside, and they don’t seem to mind the cool weather at all. Unfortunately,  I’ve been snacking on the leaves faster than they are growing!

The main focus for winter will be to get our herbs in shape.



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  1. Mmmm, I DO love peppers! I’ve only ever grown the green ones, but they did quite well the few years I tried them. Like you, I didn’t plant enough to do anything with them except enjoy them in a few meals, but that home-grown flavour was wonderful. Yours look great… you obviously treated them well. :)


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