More Marigolds

Did you know that marigolds are edible? I have never eaten any types of flowers before, so this practice is quite new to me. They are supposed to taste a bit lemony, and be good for the skin.

These were taken with a borrowed better camera.

A close up of the patterned one.

I love the coloring on these.

I was a little worried that the bees weren’t coming in closer to the plants to pollinate, but since these have blossomed, I notice they buzz around  as they should.  When I was watering the other day one of the bees seemed to briefly touch me on the hand in a purposeful, gentle way, as if it were registering me as part of the garden. I think they are more complex than we give them credit for.The birds too seem to be starting to make more visits, they look like they could use a bird bath.  It’s starting to feel more like an Eco-system rather than a bunch of plants grouped together.

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