Carrots in Water Bottles

Carrots after rain looking full.

After a light rain last night the carrots this morning were looking full and expressive, so I thought I would take a snap.  Believe it or not, these carrots were started indoors at the end of February (that is a full 6 months!), and did not receive full sun or have adequate air circulation, prompting them to come down with a hardly noticeable but very widespread fungus or mold attack on the leaves.  Once outside I sprayed them with a baking soda solution and trimmed the more affected leaves back quite severely. Having better light, and lots of wind to air them out they seem to be doing much better, and the previous green stubs that were growing are gradually turning orange.  We have had solid sun for a couple of weeks, so being cool loving crops, they were still kept in partial shade.

Massive and fine root system of carrots are visible.

Amazed at the massive amount of roots the carrots give out.  At the left,  the top finger, you can see the actual thread size of the roots sticking out, which have wrapped repeatedly around the bottom.

These carrots were planted temporarily in bottles, awaiting a carrot box of cedar in the making. On the plus side, it was easy to place the water bottles inside larger potted plants as companions, where they were kept cool, saved space, and doubled as some shade for the earth of the larger pots, preventing them from heating up too much.

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