Garden Log – July 02, 2012- It’s a Cuke!

first cucumber 2012

It’s my first cucumber under a canopy of leaves! The cucumbers seem to be doing o.k., despite the transplant, and this is one growing indoors by a window which I hand pollinated.

I have been experimenting with getting rid of fungus gnats.  I came across one tip that works.  It is a simple sugar water dish with a bit of banana peel, mostly submerged and partly, just the tip of the banana skin, sticking out to lure the flies. When they come in they are drowned.  Sometimes I put in a touch of dish soap in the water.  I also tried baking soda, but I think it eliminated the odor of the bananas and wasn’t too effective. I also am trying to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on the earth, which is supposed to kill the fungus the flies feed on, therefore knocking out the food supply.

Catching fungus gnats with sugar water and the peel of of a banana, not too much as it goes bad fast and needs to be changed, only the tip sticks out as a lure, the rest is submerged. When they come in to feed they drown.

Reading up on permaculture, and am keen on the circular structure to save space, I think it looks great too!

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