Natural Soap, Not so Natural – On Reading Codes

Although I imagined I purchased a Natural soap, upon closer look, I noticed a code stamped at the bottom of the bar that indicates the soap may not be so natural. It is confusing to say the least.  The code isn’t all that legible, and it is hard to tell if it is 5 digits with a letter or 6 digits. I am also unsure as to whether it is in fact a code or some sort of date or batch stamp. Seeing it has a 12 in it, it might indicate the year, however the rest of the numbers with the zero in the middle seem to defy it being a date.

natural soap stamp

The image below has been darkened to better show the stamp.

savon artisanal
fleurs de lavande
provence france

The full face of the soap below.

pur vegetal soap

According to some general common info on reading codes I found below:
5 digits – starting with 9 – produce grown organically
4 digits – starting with 3 or 4 – grown conventionally
5 digits – starting with 8 – produce genetically modified.
The soap appears to have 5 digits with as far as I can see a letter B, and it definitely looks like the number 8 at the head of it.  So, if it is a code, the produce has been genetically modified. It is really hard to tell which part has been modified, and at what process. I am confident that the soap is an improvement from the generic supermarket, which lately feels so crude and like sandpaper, but it is still quite perturbing not knowing for sure what is in the product exactly, or how it has been processed.
The next time I am at the market I will definitely have a closer look at the ingredient lists. I am continually learning. Now, I have a whole lot more of questions I need answering. This really doubles my resolve to making my own soap.

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