Farmer’s Market – Natural Soaps

natural soaps

Natural soaps at the farmer’s market

Once you have tasted farmer’s market food, it is hard to go back to supermarkets.  You only realize how much you have been alienated from natural foods, when you have a comparison.  The experience of hand grown, and hand made, can really wake up the senses and make you feel like a vibrant human being responding to the natural beauty in creation, rather than a mono-toned droid of mass production. What a treat it was to get my hands on some natural soaps.  I and the vendor both delighted in the exquisiteness of natural fragrances, as she personally showed the wares. It felt  quite like having snuck into the cook’s kitchen. I got the lavender of course, the white speckled one wrapped in yellow ribbon in the middle. I think there maybe some oatmeal, or coconut in it also.  Delicate balances arrived at by the cooks hand, not by machine. The smell is so sensuous it’s incredible!  Makes you want to rub it all over and bask in it. Leaves you floating! And no worries about harmful effects.  How simple is that. Beautiful bouquet of lavenders at the far end.

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A chef menu. Do they still wear those hats, I wonder.

Recollections of old Paris maybe.

farmers-market-hanging plants

It was hard to get a good shot here of the flooding light that created sharp contrasts, throwing the dark shaded areas into practical silhouettes.

Plants draped in the sun.

Farmers market-hanging-plants.

sumptuous reds

Sumptuous reds.

Neighbouring garden.

These were snapped on the way there, setting the tone for the day.  Well, it sure feels like summer!

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