Of Huntresses, Holiness, and Laurel Wreaths

Bay Laurel leaves

Wednesday was a momentous day; I finally received my long awaited Bay Laurel seeds!
The pea sized seeds needed planting right away, and I was without pots, so I made some makeshift flats with some strawberry containers. I don’t know if it was that the seeds had been pre-treated for germination that smelled so aromatic, but my senses were certainly peaked all the day. I planted about a good 2 dozen, but only have hopes for a few to germinate. 3-6 weeks, and up to 6 months, who could wait that long!!! The seeds either grow or turn to mush, and it’s better if you pick out the mushy ones as you go.

bay laurel seed

Bay Laurel seed above a staked makeshift bed made out of strawberry container. The toothpick stakes are to keep a check on the seeds long germination and locate them easier. As the seeds like warmth I thought it might be too drafty for them and plugged up some of the many air holes with strips of plastic.

Now that I have put them all to bed in their cozy and very soft and airy potting mix, a new organic one which I am very pleased with containing coco-nut husk fibers,  I am looking up how to take care of them

laurel wreath

Seems it was considered holy by the Greeks, who wore it as a head wreath, and the wreaths were awarded as a prize in Olympic games  Hmmm…, I wonder what it is like to wear one of those.

An interesting Greek myth about bay laurel, and a huntress named Daphne, who didn’t wish to marry God Apollo, and was turned into a bay tree by her father as a means of escape. So,  Apollo made a wreath and wore it in her memory. So much for another myth that is assumed by the bulk of society:  that all women wish to marry.  At least Daphne was comfortable enough to express how she honestly felt. I can hear it now…”Marriage,,, dad,…it’s just not me!…I want to hunt!” I think dad over-reacted, what do you think? Although the legend portrays that he successfully protected her, she was stuck with roots when all she wanted to do was the opposite-be on the move and hunt!  Did he ever change her back I wonder?

I love to learn a few tid-bits about plants.

According to the instructions that came with the seeds, Bay Laurel can also be shaped how you like, as a shrub if you take leaves from the tips, or a tree, if you take leaves from the main stem, and it  does well in containers.  Well, all I know it tastes great in stews, and it’s a flavor that, true to the myth, never leaves your memory.

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