Garden Log – May 24, 2012


Heritage yellow wax bean blossoms under LED light.

Sorry folks, about falling behind, my health took a nose dive, and I am still trying to stabilize. I am better enough to get around a bit though and have had a few wonderful, rather peaceful and rewarding days with “The Indoor Garden” .  Seems I  made the grade! I have officially grown my first edible from seed, making me a “gardener”. I haven’t a clue how to pluck my first edible bean though!

Baby beannie! Yellow wax bean underway.

Baby beannie! Yellow wax bean underway.


The first full edible yellow wax bean grown from seed indoors under LED and window light. This was taken today.

I am working on some new LED lights also, which are taking longer than I had hoped. With a couple of half articles prepared, it may be that I will tidy them up and post them in a bunch…quite like the bean sprouts!  More and more in the evenings, there is a a wonderfully gentle whiff, of a rather intoxicating aroma of English lavender making it’s presence felt.

Opps! Almost forgot about the carrots growing in water bottles.

Carrot in a bottle.

And the plants below I consider a bit of a cheat as they were picked up a the farmer’s market, and not grown from seed. I am not sure how they will acclimatize  indoors.  I have placed a bit of food grade plastic covering to help keep the top of the earth from drying out too quickly.

Cucumbers, strawberry plants from farmers market.

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  1. You’ll be wanting to eat that wax bean now, before it gets old and tough! I love tender baby “beanies”! My fave veggie. Congrats on your accomplishment, and I hope you’re feeling better.


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