Garden Log-April 05 2012

Garden update after replanting many seedlings, and putting some new legs on the end table to make it higher for my back. Much easier to water them now.  Starting to shape up a bit.

Sweet wormwood sprout

Sweet wormwood is quite an herb, it smells like liquorish. It also has quite a history if you look it up. I have about 10 up and running so far, one rather large one went down to a couple of mites, which I zapped right away with a couple drops dish soap in some water.  Haven’t seen any more on the plant so far, and the new growth leaves are recovering, but the plant took a beating and it’s new sprouts are sprawled out awkwardly. I’ve separated it also from the group. Each plant has a separate cover which has been removed for the photos.  They seem to do better with the covers to keep moisture in, and out of the draft while they are so young and fragile. It also helps to contain them in case they come down with something, it doesn’t spread to the rest of them.   I also placed some cedar shreds from my woodworking in each of their draining dishes underneath to keep insects at bay, when the cedar decomposes  enough it will go in as compost.

Twirly English Lavender sprout

Lots of english lavender which really enjoy being in the heat, and don’t mind it when it gets dry either.  I am really looking forward to see if these will blossom indoors, though I may use some to line a stone walkway I am thinking about.

Vigorous apple sprout.

Apple sprouts seem quite strong and healthy.  I followed advice and put them in the fridge wrapped in paper towel and just a bit of earth, placed in a plastic baggy punctured with a few holes for air, and kept them moist/damp. I placed them in the veg crisper area at the bottom of the fridge, and waited for them each to sprout individually.  I don’t know why I was so surprised they each sprouted in turn as they were supposed to. Worked like a charm.  These will be for some indoor dwarf apple trees.

Lavender sprouts

I am wondering when I can actually call it a garden.  It’s more like garden attempt so far.  I think when I can see some blossoms, or eat something from it!

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  1. It’s great to see how well your seedlings have been doing. I imagine seven weeks will have made quite a difference. It must be time for an update! :)


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