Into the Light

It was a good day for finally finding some good LED lights locally for my plants.

Here is my golden wax bean sprout changing leaf color from light to dark after only 1 hour of being under new LED lights which had a better 5500k rather than the 3000k of Halogen before it.

I haven’t been posting as I have been madly reading up on how to grow, and trying to understand what plants need in every respect including light.  I’ve been browsing through paper  seed catalogues, and it has been quite a tactile experience, flipping through pages at a leisure pace over tea, enjoyable, and surprisingly calming compared to all the flash and sales pitches of the internet. A steady visual diet of flowers, even pictorially, really does something to enrich the spirit.

Some traditions are worth keeping, paper catolgues make better compost than computer chips.

As you can see above, I have been recycling water bottles into planting pots. The tops snap over the bottom, and the bottom snaps into a draining dish. Also some plastic egg cartons, but once seeds sprouted, those had to be transplanted quickly. The plastics worked better than peat pots that either lay soggy or were too dry, and kept moisture in adequately. Halogen light was the best I could find in the general stores, and when plants were becoming spindly, I had to jump into research on lighting.  Almost going with florescent, but discovering they were potentially harmful to health (mercury), I found LED lights, and fell in love with them.  The heat from the halogen was creating a lot of moisture build up on the egg carton ones, that could be dangerous for plants making them susceptible to rot and fungus.  I had to leave those covers propped slightly open to avoid total sogginess.  Even before the seedlings on the Lavender started sprouting, the earth began smelling somewhat aromatic and filled me with great anticipation.

I am very impressed with the LED lights so far, good response from the plants, low electrical consumption, a lot less heat to worry about. The lighting for photography isn’t bad either, and they should fit right in for the DC change over to solar power,  I am just in love with them.  So now I will be designing a total light set-up for a greenhouse in the planning stages that should keep me growing through out winter months too.

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