Solar Power and Tree Structures

Here we are in the middle of January dealing with blizzard type weather and high winds last night, which kept me up all night and left me in a somber mood for the bulk of the morning.  I thirstily picked up this article about the sun, if only to change my focus.

This is a great idea I read about! Fashioning solar panels after trees. I think we have a lot to learn from nature, and I am glad someone’s observing and thinking, and finding ways to boost solar power.  In this application apparently there is good 50% boost of power in December compared to regular panels.  I often wondered about changing the rather dull and boring designs for solar panels.  When viewing how to do it yourself, one of the main worries is breaking the cells, but that certainly wasn’t a concern in this design.  I am wondering also about the sealing process applied here.  It really is encouraging to know that often the only limits there are, are the ones we place on ourselves.

Read more on it in the link below from Inhabitat.

13-Year-Old Makes Solar Power Breakthrough by Harnessing the Fibonacci Sequence | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World.

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