Landscapes Around The World

manufactured landscapes..

I started the New Year, treating myself to this movie,  Manufactured Landscapes by Edward Burtynsky,  rather late in viewing as it was released in 2006.

It hit me rather hard, and I am still trying to digest the  realities it presented.  Firstly,  I was depressed by the notion of humanity as we know it, to be in no better condition than that of cattle on the slaughterhouse assembly line.  Where the  existence of an individual is lost,  people are just  masses,  and every aspect of  life, including such things as entertainment, seems to be generic, dictated, controlled and directed.  Nothing existing for the good of the people, but solely for the good of controlling parties who couldn’t care less about anything but their own narcissist interests.

It’s one thing to run a company like a McDonald’s, but to run cities, or nations like it, is another, especially when issues like clean up have not been thoroughly tested,  dealt with, or just ignored.  And please no…not landscaping with plastic plants!

If this reality persisted there would be no individuals left, no artists to create  movies either, but hey! who needs them when you have a slave nation.  We really are shooting ourselves in the foot if we think human kind can continue in this fashion.  On this path the world would have nothing human or kind in it.

I continue on this in my next blog which is entitled “The Holy Ghost Was a Woman”

In the meantime,  more of Edward Burtynsky’s perturbing photography here:

oil field

SOCAR Oil Fields #4   Edward Burtynsky

Some more must see documentary movies for the informed mind:


Food, Inc

Vanishing of the Bees

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