Selling Heritage -But Maybe Not

…or Camera Girl 2

Sold my dad’s Coronet Camera over the weekend, and received this wonderful photo by the excellent photographer and illustrator who bought it. Seeing it in someone’s creative hands brings a sense of timelessness to it. A much more professional photo than I had posted to sell it.  I can’t wait to see what she does with it.   Here is Patricia’s link:

For some reason I associated this photo below with the camera, of my Mom being a babe in her youth, before marriage and children came along,  due to the type of effects possible with it, but I can see it wasn’t made with the Coronet due to it’s non square format.  Why is it so shocking for children to see their parents out of the role parents still confounds me.  It’s like…”who is this gorgeous babe hamming it up for the camera in a classic under the falls shot,….wait! that’s my MOM! O MG!! She’s a babe!”

I will have to sift through some more photos taken from the camera and upload them gradually.  But generally the type of ghosting effect that can be achieved with the Coronet is very similar.   I think it’s a great experience to expand one’s vision by using and experimenting with different types of cameras.  It’s like playing with different lighting conditions or even time periods.  And as much as I enjoy seeing women in front of the camera, I am so curious about the adventure of what I will see when they are behind it!

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  1. Thanks for posting my photo and for your lovely words. Your mom indeed was a babe! She’s gorgeous and the photo is adorable. Your dad’s taste is unquestionable, hehe…
    Looking forward to see some of the pictures your dad or you took with the Coronet :)

  2. lovely! I’ll be anticipating more shots from this. I’ve got one myself that I want to try and it would be wonderful to see photos from another one like it :)

  1. Camera Girl « cedarpineword

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